60-5469 SG20-24RG Incandescent Stop & GO Signal Light 24V

  • $145.00

Stop and Go Light

SG30 System utilizes two units and a communication cable:

  • One SG10 outside (to communicate with driver)
  • One SG20 inside (to communicate with dock operator/attendant)
  • Includes flasher and toggle switch

SG10 Signal Light is used in applications where opposing signals are not required:

  • No flasher or toggle switch (Lights activated by customer supplied relays)

SG20 Master Control Unit is designed for use beside the loading dock door on the inside of the building:

  • Includes flasher and toggle switch

Stop & Go Lights Light Retrofit Kits:

  • If you already own an incandescent “Stop & Go” Signal System, upgrade to our long-lasting, energy-efficient LED modules. This conversion kit is simple to install and comes with everything you need for an on-site upgrade.


STOP & GO Stop & Go lights increase safety by providing visual communication anywhere a positive go, no-go signal is required.

Common Applications

  • Loading Docks
  • Car Washes
  • Parking Lots and Garages
  • Drive Thru Windows
  • Controlled Access Entrances


  • Models with long life, energy efficient LEDs or economical incandescent signal lamps.
  • Available in two unit sets (for mounting on opposite sides of door) or single units that can stand alone or be connected to auxiliary safety systems. • Durable plastic housing (in safety yellow or black) will not rust, pit, or corrode.
  • Integral eyebrow-type sun visors provide extended visibility while shielding the lights from rain and snow.
  • Shallow depth of unit reduces risk of damage and convenient mounting holes provide simple installation.
  • UL & cUL Listed – Available in 12VDC, 24VDC and 115VAC.

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